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"Rabbit populations have collapsed in Britain over the last two decades due to disease, with countryside ecosystems struggling as a result.

Natural England is encouraging people to construct new homes for the creatures – made up of piles of branches arranged near existing rabbit warrens – to nurture families and protect them against predators."

It can certainly be challenging to find buns in the Bay, but you know.. persistence. ^_^

Never saw any in Tilden, but, San Bruno Mountain Park was a different story..

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this prof does wonderful work. Her weekly round-ups (sometimes more often?) of what's going on with the pandemic and how the virus buggy actually works have been extremely handy, over the past year and change. No excuse for not being educated on the topic! And she also clarifies the limits of what we know and what we don't yet know, which is important. yourlocalepidemiologist.substa

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We're getting really close to stability, but...

Jess got laid off and had a two week gap between jobs

We've got a car payment and the water/sewer bill due the 29th, and rent due the 4th for a grand total of $900

This is a high amount, I know, we'd absolutely take all or part on as a loan on her next check coming the 8th or 9th

🚨Any boosts or assistance beyond appreciated!🚨

#mutualaid @mutualaid @mutual_aid
$app: glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

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We'll be projecting guerrilla art in a prominent location along the Amsterdam Light Festival walking route this winter and are looking for generative artists who wants to display their pieces! DM me for templates and details.

Rebel Dykes, trans, + 

A comment on birdsite on a screening of the new documentary, "Rebel Dykes":

"And for *anyone* still claiming that trans women erase lesbians 🙄 there was the biggest cheer in the BFI when Roz Kaveney spoke about trans inclusion in the lesbian club scene "


Brian May, + 

Via Instagram:

"Yes - I was ambushed and completely stitched up by a journalist at the recent ITV event. And it’s led to a whole mess of press stories making it look like I’m unfriendly to trans people. Nothing could be further from the truth. My words were subtly twisted. I should have known better than to talk to those predatory Press hacks. Sincere apologies to anyone who has been hurt by the stories. My heart is open as always to humans of all colours, all creeds, all sexes and sexualities, all shapes and sizes - and all creatures. We all deserve respect and an equal place in this world. And my grateful thanks to all of you who stepped up to defend me in the last couple of days. It means so much that you have faith in me. With love - Bri"

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I need to find a punk station that isn't all angry white men grousing about sex/drinking, more Petrol Girls, Poly Styrene, and Black Dresses.

food, non-veg 

I enjoy online groceries, but I'll concede in-person does mean being able to pick up the occasional bargain.

In today's case, plenty of really nice ham reduced below the price of the supercheap rubbery stuff, a cheap plaice fillet, and a flatbread I repurposed as a pizza, with the addition of a little tomato purée, basil, oregano, garlic, and - once it was halfway cooked - some prawns marinaded in lemon juice, soy sauce, a little sriracha, and a good bit of dill, finished with a few spots of cheese spread.

*Very* nice. ^_^ Better than most good store-bought actual pizzas!

(Ah, for a real pizza oven =:)

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pun: How do mansplainers sleep? 

Well, actually.

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Three events this week in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; one also online. If anyone has time/is nearby...

News - Varc

The launch of the second leg of the ENTWINED exhibition programme at Assembly House, Newcastle Arts Centre (appropriately named for an assemblage of art about interconnectedness!). Featuring my work about forests and fungi.

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[en] I have a question for the Fediverse’s artists. Which instance (Mastodon, Pixelfed or otherwise), would you recommend visual artists to register on? There is of course, but I think it’s good to have several instances to pick from. It would also probably be better to not redirect all newcomers toward a single instance.
For now, I only have
Boosts are appreciated!

w00t! Triple-jabbed bunny. ^_^

(Pfizer, this time)

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pol, libertarians, humor, almost certainly truth 

I don't often wax political on here, but I couldn't help but crack up after reading this.

From :birdsite: :


John Pavlovitz: In your own words, how would you describe Libertarians?

John Spalding: House cats. They are convinced of their fierce independence while utterly dependent on a system they don't appreciate or understand.

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Does anyone have any tips or recommendations on how to learn to play the #piano?

I have finally accepted the fact that I need to get a bit more organized in my approach to this instrument. With the current covid situation I can't go for in-person lessons though. Any suggestions?

#askfedi #music

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re: ⚠️ begpost, need money for groceries ⚠️ 

Goal met, but more money would be deeply appreciated. It would help us pay down bills and make rent more certain. 💜

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Does anyone have studies about post orchiectomy hormone levels handy?

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I really love these colors, I need to revisit this palette!!! Also, even all these years later, I'm still very pleased with how the hair came out! That arm though 😅 I must have been struggling with the proportions because looking at it now, it seems just a bit too long... oops.
#JordanLynnGribbleArt #Art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #Watercolor #Goddess #FantasyArt #Painting

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