Brief moment of excitement on seeing a diary with 21 22 on the front.

agatha trans irl ++ 

@AgathaSorceress It varies by country, I suspect. With GenderGP and now with TransPlus, I've always received three month (well, twelve weeks) prescriptions, except for the very first one (with GGP), where they only offered four weeks, presumably on the basis of wanting to make sure it worked out okay before going ahead with more.

Anyway, congrats! See, said it'd be fine. ^_^

@uint8_t It would be interesting to find out just how much ticketing actually costs for major networks. All those fare machines, the card processing fees, the comms required, the fare barriers and their card readers, maintenance for it all, plus any inspectors if used..

Dysphoria, Self-harm 

@pronounshe Probably a good step. The key point to remember is they're them. Who you could be is another matter entirely.

It's true, you'll never be slender. (Likewise) But you absolutely don't have to be, to be a woman - Laverne Cox is proof enough of that. Lizzo too, for that matter. A big part of the problem is that stereotype, binding "feminine" to "svelte" - even if you're a cis woman, you'll catch flack for being too broad, or too tall.


Whatever happens, please don't harm yourself. Not for any reason, and absolutely not for this reason.

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@cassolotl Perhaps the cause, and they're trying to reassemble the list in an aggressive manner?

Ye gods and little fishes. So, so pleased I got off their list and into TransPlus..

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italian-speaking fedi users, are any of you interested in helping to translate some Black radical & revolutionary theory from english? if so, please hit us up, or feel free to tag anyone you know who might be interested. we'd also like to start translating texts from italian into english eventually. :boost_ok:

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If you're in Canada and want to avoid a sci-fi dystopia where we sell our plasma to companies that don't screen it before selling it to Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and many, many others:

"CBS doesn't get a lot of public attention — which means they're more susceptible to public pressure. A massive public outcry, right now, while the deal is being negotiated could convince them to reverse their decision and stop the privatization of our plasma collection services."

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looking for remote work, replies/boosts encouraged 

• looking for remote work, full-time or part-time

• im based out of minnesota

• i have 11 years of IT service desk/workstation management experience, with resume and references available

• im a quick learner, very organized, and a good writer and communicator

• IT work is fine; although open-minded about any work you might be hiring for

• im trans and disabled, and so an inclusive workplace is deeply appreciated

#jobs #hiring #getfedihired

@celesteh I'd imagine the stick should show in Disk Utility, even if just as a device.

What was the deal with the brief "shirorin!" animated interstitials in Aharen-san?

lewd adj 

Randomly reminded that one-time cellphone hotshots Research In Motion noticed the .jobs TLD coming available, and set up their employment vacancies site under it.

Yes. ^_^;

(It lasted a while, IIRC, but presumably someone eventually tipped them off)

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Urgent: help with bills 

Storage ($215) is now officially past due.

If memory serves, the company adds a $35 fee to past due accounts.

They do not accept partial payments.

Can you help, so my belongings don't get put up for auction?

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

@mutualaid #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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interactions between united states law and trans people (US 4th circuit appeals court, good news), twitter and links

"Massive win for transgender people in the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The US Court of Appeals rules that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects transgender people.

Trans people MUST be afforded all accommodations, medical interventions, cannot be unduly targeted."

Full text here:

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Here it is, my newest tarot card "Page of Coins", and a detailed image of the center of attention 🦊💙. Created with Krita & Blender, my favorite tools. #art #illustration #fediverse #mastoart #tarot

@eclectic No question, when I can, a 16" Apple Silicon MBP shall be mine. Their CPU team's done some extremely cool work, backed up by the OS folk being able to put what they need into silicon, making for an especially smooth platform.

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CDC, US covid response failure/death 

The head of the CDC is calling for a reorg in the face of the human cost of their slow, confusing pandemic response.

Their failures, and ours as a society and as a civilization, helped kill so many people in my life that I ran out of fingers to count them. I expect to run out of toes within the month. The cost of this has fallen, in many cases, on those least prepared to weather it.

And as it stands, under the CDC's shining guidance there remain no places, not even medical facilities, safe for the immunocompromised and chronically ill or disabled to visit. It's willful ignorance to claim the most vulnerable aren't all among us...well over half of us qualify, by proximity to those at risk, medical issues or circumstances and location of employment.

A good start would be to ensure that the CDC actually read, rely on and share the information they were months late to disseminate. People should never again face heightened or reduced risk based solely on whether they happened to follow and understand medical news independently.

Some understanding that many will base institutional and company procedures specifically around their advice, even when it's more cautious than the existing legal minimum protections, would have been a great way to urge uptake of filtration, indoor mask use and habitual isolation between potential exposures to reduce risk. They could have been creating educational materials and explaining what people were trying to learn, so guidance changes didn't seem random and untethered to real world research, outdated though it tended to be.

Instead, we got...this. And we'll continue to get this, if things don't change.


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In an Indigenous rights presentation, so posting stuff they mention

To remind yourself of where you are if you're on Turtle Island:

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job search post, please boost 

I’d like to try to get a job, I:

  • live in italy
  • strongly prefer working remotely but i intend to move out soon
  • english is my primary language and i can speak italian natively

I am very experienced with low level development (especially in C and assembly for x86, arm and risc-v), especially in the context of drivers. I also have experience with embedded and especially bare metal development and linux porting on arm and risc-v.

More details in my CV:

Links for the mentioned projects contain sensitive information and will be provided on-demand.

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