Does this not have big Bond supervillain lair energy? =:)

"Engineers posed by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shortly after it emerged from Chamber A at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Dec. 1, 2017.

Credits: NASA/Chris Gunn"

alc, + 

After what feels like a good day at work, my first gin & tonic since.. probably late 2018. ^_^

I had to go with my favorites - not the cheapest (you'd *never* guess!), but so very good together: Martin Miller's Gin, plus Fever Tree's elderflower tonic.

MM's gin is unusual in two regards: first, it leans into cucumber more than juniper or anything /floral/ per se, making for a different basic flavor than most, and, it's distilled and shipped to Iceland for dilution to sale strength, lending it quite a distinctive mouthfeel - very soft, as it were; it's a lovely sipping gin! (Apparently they can't just import the water, as it'd have to be treated, rather obviating the point)

Kampai! ^_^

coffee ordering 

Yay! Finally, *good* coffee ordered for the first time in maybe 2.5 years. ^_^ Back to Union Roasted, for three probably very good ones - Bobolink I remember, but the others are new. =:9

Bobolink, Brazil - "A silky body and mouthfeel. Experience a balanced coffee with subtle fruit acidity and the smoothness of milk chocolate, roasted almonds."

Venantie Women's Lot, Rwanda - "A distinctive dark chocolate aroma is complemented by tart clementine acidity and undertones of dark spiced plums throughout."

Santa Lucia, Costa Rica - "Try brewing as espresso to highlight its extraordinary sweetness and fruity character. Combine with milk and enjoy distinctive notes of apple frangipane with a creamy texture and sweet, lingering finish."

(All ordered as espresso grind, even though I'll be using a press - I like the results, and it's not as if any of them will last longer than a couple weeks =:)

And thank you, brain, for initially interpreting this as "flavour catboy". ^_^;

Surely the best of my AC:PC friends' fave photos. ^_^

CW: full-on eye contact

It's a fun track, but I did appreciate this brief subtitle too. ^_^

Amanda Blank "Oh Man":

covid-19, omicron lethality, - 

"Really interesting that SA deaths are increasing a lot, more than a month after the peak in cases. is not following the usual 14-21 day lag seen for other waves. Also, there is large >30% excess deaths above historical average—3000 excess/week."

"An artist who dons cartoonish latex animal costumes to explore the relationship between humans and non-human animals has been announced as one of two winners of the Tokyo Contemporary Art Award."

A PhD researcher at the University of Huddersfield is looking for intersex people over 50 across Europe:

New nails! ^_^ All NeoNail UV gels, other than the top coat.

Hard base, Somali as the base (perhaps a mistake, as that mid-gold winds up looking quite neutral), Mystic Bluebell striped coarsely vertically, Gravity for a golden sparkle, Comet for a blue note, and mylaQ hard top. A bit under two hours in all.

Oh, *yes*. As good as I could have hoped for - vivid, slightly thicker fabric than usual, nice high waist. These are leggings meant to be worn. ^_^

As it's rainy season in the Bay, an old friend's lamenting having to get the mower out again - but, he has the hat for the job. ^_^

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