A recommendation on r/transgenderUK for places to find good thigh-high socks turned this place up, and they really do seem to have the goods - in sizes 4-36!

@porsupah I can attest that snag thighs look great and feel great and fit big women and don't slide (many of my fantasy thighs are from them, e.g. the bee ones). and I know women bigger than me that enjoy them too

@elilla Oh, cool beans! I'll feel far happier buying from them now. I love the looks you can get (generally, and you specifically =:) with cool thigh-highs and tights, but so many either have relatively routine selection, aren't really meant for >size 14, maybe not great quality, or all of them.

@porsupah oh yeah, Snag is legit. i have a few pairs from them and they're probably the best-fitting tights i own. haven't had them long enough to really comment on durability, but they've survived a few wears each so far.

Americans be warned though: they take forever to ship to the US.

@porsupah this brand is amazing! I have their Chub Rub shorts because my thighs are huge. They don't roll up or slide down like other tights/leggings do on me, and they aren't lying when they say they won't make you feel too hot

@demimom Ahh, that's very good to hear! Claims are one thing, but hearing real word is another.

I'm definitely going to have to put an order together. ^_^

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