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So, with such good company coming over for Eurovision, I somehow thought it'd be a good idea to try making sushi. ^_^;

It's actually all perfectly possible, but my *gods* is it a lot of work! First the rice, which needs cooking /just so/, and the folding in the vinegar/salt mix to properly season it, and cooling down.

Then all the other ingredients, like avocado and cucumber, and in my case, monk's beard and Philly.

I'll be making more, of course. ^_^

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@HeyHayley I'm really pleasantly surprised how well most of it turned out! Actually forming the nigiri was awkward, but I see the "trick" is just keeping one's paws *wet* to avoid the rice glomming onto one. The rolls really turned out well!

Definitely, a /lot/ of work, but *so* worth it!

I've got more rice left over, so I suspect I'll be practicing my nigiri in the coming days. ^_^

(Now, if I could only source hamachi! Suspect I'll have to go to an actual fishmonger)

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@porsupah we've been practicing sushi over the last year! Haven't tried nigiri but mostly because we prefer to use smoked salmon and avocado which work better in maki. I found some onigiri molds I had in a subscription box years ago so I'm trying to use those a bit more now.

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@HeyHayley Molds! Hee! That's actually a really tempting idea. Cheating somehow, but hell, I'd take it if it means a good shape, easily, and without getting my hands literally covered in rice. ^_^;

Salmon's *such* a fantastic sushi fish. =:D Great just by itself on nigiri, or in maki, as the star or just a member of the band - it harmonises so well with just about any other fish.

What's your secret to rolling maki well?

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@porsupah no real secret tbh. Just a lot of practice! Alex does the rolling because I don't have the patience for it. Not overstuffing it is probably the main thing. We use a wet, small serrated knife to cut it but Alex wants to try and buy a good Japanese knife when we eventually get over to Japan lol.

I looooove salmon. I've been experimenting with using more Japanese ingredients in cooking it (cooking sake, white miso etc) which has been super fun.

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@HeyHayley Oooh, clearly I must visit someday. =:)

Oh, gods, experimenting with "new" ingredients is so much fun! I'm finally able to do that again, with an income once more. My, but Chinese cooking wine is fun. =:D

At some point, I must tidy up the fridge and get along to one of the Chinese supermarkets in the west of the city.. used to *love* doing so back in the Bay. ^_^ ("What's in this can? I have no idea, but let's give it a go!" is my ethos =:)

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