People who have strong opinions about text editors are about as interesting as people who have strong opinions about pizza.


@andi Reminded of quite how *vitriolic* was the.. discussion on r/London when some poor soul enquired about Chicago style stuffed pizza. O.o;

(And AFAIK, the upshot was no, it doesn't exist anywhere in London, but a couple places used to)

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@porsupah Oh yay, mix the British tendency towards anti-Americanism with the Londoner tendency toward being stuck-up assholes who feel it's a productive use of time on this earth to be elitist about the dinnertime equivalent of a ham and cheese sandwich.

YEAH, I SAID IT. Pizza is to dinnertime as sandwiches are to lunch! Y'all gonna argue about *sandwiches*?! YEAH let's get up on our high horses about basic-ass foodstuffs, let's do *toast* next! Fuckin' elitist pricks! 馃槫


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@andi Seriously! I mean, sure, there's *art* in really good pizza, but it's all good. (Well, maybe not the chains) I adore a beautifully slender Italian crust, crisp on the very bottom, but still yielding within, with lightly singed, puffy edges, and a sauce singing of fresh tomatoes; but there's also so much to be said for a classic Californian, with a bit thicker base, heartier sauce, and toppings piled on. =:9

And then all the different ovens make their own contributions! It's wonderful! Wood, coal, electric, gas..

Dammit, now I need to get back to North Beach. =:)

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food; hot pizza take 

@porsupah Damn rights!!! Exactly all this!!

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