Apparently Linus Sebastian thinks hitting ctrl+S on a GitHub page should download the content inside the page instead of the HTML. I'm bewildered tbh. I can see the logic but... It's not shocking that it doesn't work that way? What

Boosted because they just uploaded the video to YouTube where Linus says this.

I feel like the "Save this webpage" function of web browsers isn't very useful to 90% of websites anymore so maybe it should be... relabelled or something 馃 "Save as HTML"? ... Doesn't help much. Idk

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browser saving 

@brianna Depends on the page - anything where the graphics would want to be retained, absolutely, there you want some kind of "whole page save", be it some kind of browser-specific archive, or simply printing to a PDF. But there still seems enough utility in a plain HTML save as well.

That said, it's worth considering the question from "what would J Random Person want?" - I suspect the results might lean toward anything that results in the page /as seen/ being saved for easy viewing some other time, ideally in some way they can share.

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