They dropped the James Webb Space Telescope. =:P Sounds like they're hoping to proceed with only a few days' delay in launch date, from Dec 18 to "at least" Dec 22.

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@porsupah as someone who worked across the street from it I'm just like 😱 😱 😱

God I hope it's ok, almost less because I care about the telescope and more because of how many people put themselves into it

@platypus Hugely understandable! Even by space projects, it's a huge mission - from what I gather, one that forms the bulk of the career of many of those involved.

*Really* hope the investigation doesn't turn up anything untoward. (I wonder how much of that confidence will come from direct inspection and test instrumentation, and how much from simulations)

@platypus @porsupah this reaction exactly! Also 😭😭😭

I hope they don't rush the repair, either.... It would be so cool to watch it launch for my birthday but also it's a hell of a lot easier to repair while it's here than after launch.

@porsupah It was only a “Vibration Event”, which is gentlest possible way of saying “we dropped your giant fragile space telescope onto the launch mount from a significant height. We’ll get back with more info as soon as the team is done changing underwear.”

@porsupah oh nooo!

OTOH, the 22nd is my birthday and as a lifelong space nerd I would accept a launch as a good present. :)

@bright_helpings That /would/ be pretty cool. =:D

It's been *so* very long in the making - it'll be exciting to see the first telemetry come back from it safely in L2. ^_^ Should we maybe just agree this space telescope is cursed, bury it in salt, and move funding on to a completely new space telescope?

Update on the James Webb Space Telescope : launch date confirmed for Dec 22 at 7:20am EST!

"a NASA-led anomaly review board concluded no observatory components were damaged in the incident."

I just really hope they didn't rush it...

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