College-age trans characters casting call for Sex Education season 4. No previous acting experience required.

@porsupah I'm really glad they're getting another season!!

I honestly love that show so much and appreciate the frankness with which it deals with sex and teenage awareness.

It treats teenagers not as idiots as in so many shows, but as the awkward, inexperienced and anxious people they are.

@SpaceKitteh It's quite special, ne? I need to catch up with it all - I've only seen little stretches of a few episodes here and there.

(And then there's Gillian Anderson! Oh my)

@porsupah honestly, the queer folks on display in the third season are great, and the "antagonist" of the arc was intense but entirely too believable.

The only thing I struggle with is the shock factor they go for sometimes with the awkwardness turned up to 11. I had to skip forward by a few minutes a couple of times because it was just too intense.

@SpaceKitteh I'm definitely going to have to catch up. =:D (Thankfully easily possible c/o a friend's subscription) I recall the show having quite a memorable line in soundtrack choices, too. ^_^ And definitely, the fact it's not rigorously cis-het is a big plus.

I'm not big on the idea of meeting celebrities, but GA I think could be really fun to have a good natter with. =:)

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