My corset is expected to arrive tomorrow, today I received my padded bra and it's absolutely outstanding, just a bit of extra padding and it stays really natural.


@dany Oh, finestkind! You might try some cheap breast prostheses too - there's nothing quite like feeling that /bounce/ on one's chest. ^_^

Hope the corset works out too! That's definitely an area I want to explore when I can.

@porsupah that could sound weird after talking about spending money on clothes, but I'm saving to buy one of those breastplates, about that carried away thing I mentioned before 😅

I think the easiest way to settle down that thing destroying my mind is going kigurumi. I like cosplay, I think it will works nice and without much compromise at the beginning.

Then we see how it goes.

But yeah, the padded bra looks nice for photos, but those breast are another level. Also, the skinsuit would fix a huge problem of mine right now, the skin. I need to hide my skin now, with it I'd have sort of a nice one.

I'm looking for shortcuts for sure, but what else could I do? 😅

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