Did you know Projekt Red obtained a trademark on "cyberpunk"?

And that they're now pursuing a claim against the designer of a TTRPG, Neon Nights?

@porsupah Project Red is truly cyberpunk, I mean, an evil tech corp.

@argumento The irony is vivid. One can make good arguments for "there is no ethical consumption under capitalism", but as with all matters, companies can be less or more awful /by choice/. They're enjoying the latter.


I own the game... got it used from Gamestop, so ProjektRed gets nothing!

@Stoori Maybe not quite the way they might have originally thought. ^_^;

@Dashtop Makes no difference, ne? There's nothing wrong with saying "We sell FOO and it's amazing! Compare against BAR and BAZ!" - there's nothing misleading or confusing.


Probably going for a settlement against an unfunded developer so they can show a precedent when they shake down better-funded competitors. But anyway, Bruce Bethke coined the term in 1980 so here's hoping they're laughed out of court.

@suetanvil I wouldn't be surprised - would seem in character for that lot. But quite how they managed to even get the trademark.. baffling. It's hardly like it's been some rarified, specialist terminology.

@porsupah I wanna see William Gibson walk into the courtroom and piledriver the lawyers

@elfi *Three foot stack of books on the Judge's desk*

"Prior art, your honor."

I need to look into trademark law and check how they were able to even obtain that. You'd /think/ it being a term in common use in literature, gaming, and media generally would prevent such, but, apparently not.

UPDATE 9/17: CD Projekt Red has responded to Ethan Reynolds' claims, clarifying that the reason why it issued the trademark strike was because Reynolds was allegedly using the Cyberpunk 2077 tag to promote Neon Nights.

"The reason why our legal team reacted was because of the Cyberpunk 2077 trademark was being used (in the tags) to sell unrelated products. This information was also included in the original email you received and partially quoted."

probably necessary context.

@porsupah To quote the best comment after the article: "The stupid... it burns."

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