uspol, the racist origins of the current anti-abortion movement 

Excellent background here:

"But the religious right also needed a more respectable issue to hang their advocacy on. Yes, their most fervent adherents were angry about Black students mixing with white ones and getting to attend white schools, but as the 1970s and 80s chugged on, that was an increasingly unpopular position to take publicly.

'So how did evangelicals become interested in abortion?' Balmer writes. “As nearly as I can tell from my conversation with Weyrich, during a conference call with Falwell and other evangelicals strategizing about how to retain their tax exemptions, someone suggested that they might have the makings of a political movement and wondered what other issues would work for them. Several suggestions followed, and then a voice on the line said, ‘How about abortion?’”

Evangelicals were still angry they couldn’t racially segregate their institutions and still get tax breaks. But 'the right to segregate' no longer had the wide appeal it once did. 'The right to life,' though — that was a winner."

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