mutual aid request 

I hate to ask, but it's that or give up eating and using electricity.

The jobhunt is at least lively, if not, so far, fruitful, with three interviews pending in the next two weeks.

Another unfortunate factor is the new addition of housing insecurity, with Social Services angling to break up the household of myself and my mother; they're wanting to keep her in a care home. Wretched enough by itself, complicated by the fact it's her whose name is on the apartment's lease, and who pays the rent. It's not comforting[1] to know all that could come to an abrupt end in the next few weeks.

If you're in a position to help:

(At least there's one new element of hope: with TransPlus having been in touch recently, now they've advanced the eligibility date, I may well be relieved of ongoing HRT costs in the next few months)

[1] Yes, I'm understating here.

mutual aid request 

Anything you might be able to offer will be hugely appreciated. As is, there's enough in the account for about a week's groceries and another two weeks' electricity.

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mutual aid request 

@porsupah Rrf. Best of luck.

Would you be averse to my posting a link to this on my blog? I happen to have something about a rabbit planned for the humor blog tonight.

mutual aid request 

@Austin_Dern Oh, absolutely. Things are as desperate as they've ever been, especially with the new and exciting factor of not knowing if I'll still have a place to live in a couple weeks.

mutual aid request 

@porsupah OK. Best of luck and I hope some good things turn up fast.

mutual aid request 

@porsupah is it ok if i post this to twitter?

mutual aid request 

@eject Certainly!

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