NHS data grab postponed to Sep 1 

The NHS data grab was pushed back a few weeks. As a result, you have a bit more time to opt out of your data winding up with the likes of Palantir - Sep 1, where before it had been Jun 23. Best, though, would be to get it to your practice a week or so before then, to ensure it goes through in time.

Note that there are two parts to this - first is a "Type 1 Opt-Out", which prevents them from sharing your GP data; the second step prevents non-GP info like hospital treatments being shared. The first is the most important, and needs to be done by Sep 1. The second can be done online, if it's just for yourself.

The above link has one version of the form, or you can use NHS Digital's own (docx, unfortunately):

You should be able to email this to your practice, or NHS Digital can post a copy to you if you call them on 0300 3035678.

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@porsupah I haven't even been able to do the online opt-out because my NHS number Is not working for some reason even though they just sent me a latter though the post about the covid jab with my number on It

The other opt-out I need a printer for that which I don't have and all the libraries In my local area Is basically closed down.

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