@fribbledom I'd actually been initially cautiously.. not /hopeful/, but willing to see what the guy might come up with, given it wouldn't be a bad thing to see IRC gain more public recognition beyond the geek community. But wow, it didn't take long for his real intent to be felt, between actions like this, and going full frozen peach.


freenode vs the world 

@fribbledom Wow.

"Actually, it's somewhat worse than the headline mentions. It seems that the script targets channels that merely mention Libera in the topic. The topic of an affected channel I was in said: "See also on irc.libera.chat" (as we hadn't decided whether or not to move). And everyone in the channel was banned from both the and the # channels on Freenode.

Needless to say, Freenode kindly decided for us whether or not we should move to Libera for good."


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