As a cybernetic being, one would have to forego the simple pleasure of rubbing one's eyes.

I think I'd substitute a similar /sensation/, accompanied by a degauss effect on my faceplate and sfx speakers. :ms_robot_blushy:

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@porsupah This is the sort of thing I think about a lot, especially given the direction @millimax is going. What little habits and comforts are so rooted in the organic that we might take them for granted until we change such that they longer make sense? Rubbing eyes, sighing, stretching out, taking a deep breath of spring air?

I've already decided what it'll look like when Millimax cries, because there will be times that she's happy enough to do so... especially once she's gone full teapot!

@ElectricKeet @porsupah minor correction

that's something i'm deciding for myself thank you


though i must admit that i hadn't thought about it until now and i just might work on an inventory of such behaviors so i know what to be ready for

not just for me of course but for any and all transmaterial folk


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