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"Last month, a flurry of posts began appearing on social media, detailing experiences under a new scheme. They contained worrying reports – people in mental crisis involved in the scheme would call support services, only to be threatened with prison if they contacted the likes of an ambulance.

These posts outlined the experiences of “high-risk” individuals on the receiving end of the Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) scheme – a new mental health support model, currently being adopted by NHS England. It works by assigning people in distress – typically “high intensity users” of emergency services or those perceived to be at high risk of suicide and self-harm – to mental health professionals and police officers to assist with challenging cases.

Police officers, or “High Intensity Officers” (HIOs) are given primary responsibility for behavioural management, placing pressure on individuals to reduce “high-cost behaviour” and stop “demonstrating intensive patterns of demand”. Police may ensure compliance using threats of legal action, such as Community Behaviour Orders."

How did such an awful concept come to be?

"The creator of SIM, ex-police sergeant Paul Jennings, claims the root of unsustainable demand lies in over-dependence and behavioural issues, rather than the underfunding and inequalities that have crippled the system."

(CW: anti-Black violence)

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@IceWolf To think, “the beatings will continue until morale improves” used to be simple bleak humor..

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@porsupah This... what.

This is literally the opposite of what people are asking for

How do you get it this wrong

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@monsterblue It's their talent. *sigh* Same with GRA reform, where the W&EC put out their reports, gov't took no notice and said "Hm. Let's have a public consultation instead", opening up a free for all on trans, winding up with trial balloons floated including a bathroom bill, and finally: reducing the fee, and that's it. Nothing about making the process less labyrinthine and expensive (psych reports, etc), or self-identification.

Or the recent report into racism, concluding there's no systemic racism in the UK. (Which sounds ludicrous until you look at *who* they brought in to produce the report - the finest far right think tanks and pundits)

They're deliberately evil. They know perfectly well what they're doing, knowing it (a) hurts the people they can't give a shit about, (b) provides their base with things to be righteous about, while being completely unaffected and uninformed.

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