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The director of the Good Law Project:

"In cheering Friday news, we've found a very effective way to challenge the baffling decision of the Charity Commission to subsidise the activities of a transphobic hate group with your taxes."

trans, UK, LGB Alliance, + 

@porsupah always great news to hear transphobes being smacked down.


trans, UK, LGB Alliance, + 

@solarbear Yepyep. ^_^ The Good Law Project is *so* good at what they do. Would that things could move more quickly, but so it goes - they've also got a challenge that, IIRC, has been on hold recently with Bell v Tavistock rumbling on, hopefully toward a positive end, which seeks to hold NHS England to their 18 week obligation. The case is based on a minor, but the principle would, I'd hope, hold for everyone stuck waiting for interminable years, thanks to their gatekeeping policies - if they embraced informed consent, so much of that waiting would simply vanish, leaving the GICs to perform counseling for those who /wanted/ it, and as specialised endo resources.

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