FTC looking into software/web "dark patterns", submissions requested 

The FTC is looking into "what dark patterns are and how they affect consumers and the marketplace. Some of the topics the workshop will examine include:

* how dark patterns differ from sales tactics employed by brick-and-mortar stores;

* how they affect consumer behavior, including potential harms;

* whether some groups of consumers are unfairly targeted or are especially vulnerable; what laws, rules, and norms regulate the use of dark patterns; and

* whether additional rules, standards, or enforcement efforts are needed to protect consumers."

"To assist the agency’s analysis of this issue, the FTC seeks public comments on the following topics to be discussed at the workshop. The FTC is particularly interested in data, studies, research, and other empirical evidence addressing these issues. Interested parties may submit comments electronically at The deadline for submitting comments is May 29, 2021."

(The document's slightly confusing, as there was also a workshop - that's already happened - but that was only a starting point)

To offer comments:

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Re: FTC looking into software/web "dark patterns" 

@porsupah why do I get the feeling that the majority of findings will be "these tactics are identical to the established sales tactics mentioned in the first part, but were going to label them 'dark' since we're not acknowledging big corps are doing it too and not as good"

FTC looking into software/web "dark patterns", submissions requested 

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