@ghost_bird She makes the point well. ^_^

I knew what the problem was, but didn't understand it *was* something possible to fix. That morphed into "oh, I don't *need* to transition" with a side of "I'd never turn out well anyhow".

I can miss the screamingly obvious at times. ^_^;

@porsupah Kinda relatable, but I don’t think I ever saw the other men around me as not smart. I didn’t thought I was better than them. I thought I was broken.

@Sylvhem @porsupah

Kinda same for the smart part, but I was more like I saw them as mean and me as empathetic

@porsupah highly relatable right now : I'm in a train with a lot of soldiers laughing together

@soza Oh, gods. I'd be trying to shrink to the size of a raisin in that environment.

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