@porsupah That dress must be magical to behold when running after the bus.

@Canageek @porsupah ...maybe the coolest part is this is a project I absolutely have the skills to do, were I so inclined :)

@theotheroracle If it doesn't, I want to make it happen. ^_^

(Trouble is, as soon as I get thinking about an idea like that, New Possibilities blossom - by the end, it'd have WiFi, BT, 5G, and a tail controller =:)

@porsupah tbf that sounds like the tech we need in this generation

@porsupah I had an idea a while back for a Sleeping Beauty dress that would be designed to diffuse light through out the fabric (maybe with LEDs or fiber optics) and, with the help of a gyroscope, would have the dress change colors every time the wearer twirled.

@crasher35 Ooooh, that has so many possibilities! Would have to be careful to ensure the (presumably) lightstrips didn't impede the Twirl Factor, of course - I can imagine those kinds of details could be more of a challenge than the electronics. ^_^;

@porsupah Yeah, that's why I pivoted to possibly using plastic optic fibers that could be woven into the fabric but the amount of fiber terminations you would need to properly diffuse the light could be problematic there as well.

@crasher35 It'd be fun trying, though. ^_^ A combination of the approaches might be the answer. I don't have the money or space to experiment on such at the moment, but it's on the list for when circumstances change.

@porsupah Agreed. I'm in the same boat plus I also lack any kind of sewing / craft skills.

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@porsupah I'm still stuck on this but the concept made me think of those gaudy fiber optic angel tree toppers so I looked them up for reference. Now I'm thinking that maybe if I used a tulip shaped skirt hoop and lined the LEDs against that it could allow for flow while still allowing for the rigidity of the light strip and then use fiber optics to accent certain folds.

@porsupah obviously it would only work well in a relatively dark environment but it'd be perfect for trick or treating at night or something.

@crasher35 Ah, good point.. though a daylight mode could be fun, with the right LEDs, if you didn't mind concealing some kind of substantial battery pack. I wonder what kind of power would be required for effective illumination in "average" daylight.

A subtle mode could be fun, balanced to /only just/ show, given the ambient light, lending one a barely perceptible glow as one walked. =:)

Led's that are visible in daylight could get a little hot. but could be although a neat feature because you do not have to wear extra clothing if it is cold outside. ;)

@porsupah thnisd is legitimately awesome they gould make them for guypersons too

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@porsupah spinspinspinspisnpunsoinspjnsponspinspinspinsppi--

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