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As you may've seen, Westminster is holding a consultation on toilets, which has uncomfortable undertones.

Gendered Intelligence has some salient points to consider including in your response:

"Toilet facilities is a key area where trans, non-binary and other gender diverse people face barriers to access.

Toilets designated male or female are not accommodating of non-binary people and any space with limited privacy tends to be challenging for trans people.The LGBT in Britain - Trans report (Stonewall 2017) showed that 48% of trans people don’t feel comfortable using public toilets

Trans people are entitled to use the spaces that (best) accord with their gender identity and should be supported to do so, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010

It states in the call for evidence that women’s toilets have been replaced by gender neutral toilets. We would like to see evidence to support this claim.

Within a historical patriarchal context, public toilets were originally created exclusively for men. We welcome this review to address the ratio of women toilets needed versus the number for men.

There is no hierarchy when it comes inclusion. It is a matter of support and access for all. We call for inclusive and available universal public toilets which protect a person’s privacy, thus provide access to safe facilities for all"

(More in the linked thread)

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