how are people surprised when they figure out that america is fascist, when they literally had to stand at attention and pledge undying allegiance to the state every single morning in fucking kindergarten

@V I love bringing up the story of how one time I didn't stand for the pledge in front of my parents in high school and they got so mad they told me I had to talk to my therapist about it, as a punishment, I guess to shame me? and when I told her about it she started crying

@woomy I was literally losing significant chunks of my grade in middle school for not standing for the pledge, and even got a few suspensions for it. How personally offended the teachers were by this made me very aware from an early age that I lived in a fascist dictatorship. I just wasn't sure how to put it into words.
I'm sorry they did that to you.


@V WTF? Schools can/will dock grades because of not standing for that wretched pledge? O.o

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@porsupah Yep. "Insolence" of any kind, in my school, would allow the teacher to deduct any amount of letter grade from anything they felt like that day as a punishment. They usually went full asshole and just zeroed all your grades for that day.

@V *Wow*. That's broken in multiple ways. First even having so vague an infraction as "insolence" even available, but then full discretion to wipe the day's grades. Not to mention staff willing - seemingly with enthusiasm - to *do* that.

I repeat: wow. =:P

@porsupah Eeeeyup. It was pretty universally agreed among the sorts of kids I hung out with that the only reason you would ever become a teacher is if you had a *severe* narcissistic personality disorder and liked the idea of having total control of children's lives. It's not like they'd have to learn to teach, anyway, they'd just hand the kids worksheets and wait til the bell rung.
The idea of someone wanting to actually *teach* was something that happened in movies.
america is a fuck

@V @porsupah
America is absolutely a fuck and I'm sorry you had that awful experience ;o;

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