OU/AstraZeneca vaccine, covid-19, + 

Using an initial half dose, followed later by a full dose, they've seen 90% effectiveness, with *no* severe or hospitalised cases in 24000 volunteers.

And it can be stored at normal fridge temperatures of 2-8C. ^_^

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OU/AstraZeneca vaccine, covid-19, + 

@porsupah So that's three vaccines that'll be ready soon? It's a huge relief. With more manufacturers it's more likely there will be enough vaccines to go around, and maybe we can get inoculated a little sooner.

OU/AstraZeneca vaccine, covid-19, + 

@bunny_jane Yep! Sounds like this one may be relatively affordable, too - apparently they were aiming earlier in the year for around $3-4/dose, so delivering it to regions that can't easily fund vaccination programs alone would go that much further, not to mention the relatively easy distribution. Russia's claiming to be working on a freeze dried option, too.

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