"Two female pirates famed for leaving a stream of “looted treasure” and “treacherous ex-lovers” behind them have been commemorated with a new statue."

"The statue of Bonny and Read will be taken to Burgh Island, off the south Devon coast which saw pirates come and go for centuries, after Wednesday’s London preview."

"Artist Amanda Cotton, who worked alongside a team of sculptors, said: “The sculpture’s design is a metaphor for Bonny and Read's personality, fire and earth. Individually they are strong independent women but when Anne (fire) & Mary (earth) combine they are dangerously unstoppable."

I love this! I'm in the process of reading The Republic of Pirates, so this was a welcome tangent.

@sudoreboot Oh, now that looks fascinating! I've just submitted a request for an ebook option for that - the library apparently has it on paper and as an audiobook.

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