being salty about transphobia :) 

Changing my career has been way more stressful than my gender transition. I can't predict whether I will end up being happier in my new career, after training. It'll be harder for me than for people who started this career when they were younger.

Where are all the concerned people telling me that it's too late, and that I should have stayed in my old job? Where are the people who'll paint an ugly picture of what my new career might be like, telling me that I'll regret switching to it? Nobody made me go through a psychological screening to make sure that I have what it takes to change my career.

Getting my wisdom teeth out was a much more painful and sickening process than anything I've done in my physical gender transition. Where are all the people arguing that God and nature meant for me to have the wisdom teeth that I was born with?

Concern trolls don't care about my well-being. When they see facts that conflict with what our oppressors have taught them to believe, they experience cognitive dissonance. That outrage impels them to do the patriarchy's work, to make sure that its made-up frameworks stay in place. They only experience outrage about certain kinds of pattern-breaking. It's informative to notice which ones. If you watch, you can see where the invisible bars of oppression are.


being salty about transphobia :) 

@frameacloud Oh, gods, *all of this*. The UK's abominable GIC system revolves around such gatekeeping, where you get the opportunity to convince cis people you're correctly trans.

Purely coincidentally, the new TransPlus GIC (a) listens to you, (b) is staffed with cis and trans binary and non-binary people. I *wonder* if there could be a connection? /s

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being salty about transphobia :) 


Boosts are OK.

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