The "What The Trans!?" podcast folk have a helpful thread up explaining the new GRA reform inquiry:

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@porsupah I was going to say it’s interesting to see a parliamentary inquiry spinning up at this point, but I got distracted and forgot. It probably won’t have much in the way of direct results, but it’ll at least keep pressure on Truss and the government.

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@ghost_bird Indeed. It remains to be seen, of course, what notice Truss will take of their eventual report.

I suspect their report may be quite reasonable, but as we saw, findings can be ignored - but yes, this may be more difficult to dismiss. It's not /totally/ impossible Truss (assuming she's even still in the same position then) might learn from it.

At the very least, I imagine the big take-home from the final report will be what we've been saying: reduction of the GRC fee would be welcome, but it's only a fraction of the costs involved, given the need to obtain a letter from that shortlist of specialists; online is fine, but eh; new clinics YESYESYES but unconnected to the GRA and they need to be rolled out *much* sooner than at the end of this current three year trial.

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@porsupah The timing’s interesting. Some of it will be a response to the parliamentary petition, but it does make me think someone’s getting frustrated too.

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@ghost_bird Mm, the phrasing of the questions seems to suggest that to me too - quite the air of "We've had all the problems spelled out for you, and all you're going to do is reduce the cost a bit and shove it online?" =:)

The inclusion of references to the EA is - not troubling per se, but we'll have to collectively address those questions well (again), given Truss raised them in the response, somewhat worryingly. A robust inquiry report might help fend off erosion of the EA.

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