trans, UK, GIC protest mural, discussion regarding suicide 

"A few friends and I painted a mural in Bristol to highlight the state of trans healthcare"

We need more of these.

trans, UK, GIC protest mural, discussion regarding suicide 

@porsupah I'm legitimately crying a little right now, because waiting for trans health care really *is* like having to wait to start living, and the fact that any government could let something so horrible happen to people is unbearable.


trans, UK, GIC protest mural, discussion regarding suicide 

@V It's horribly powerful. Or at least, it is to us.

The infuriating part is it's not even a lack of resources - it's about *gatekeeping*. It's not as if you can turn up to a GIC, have them check you're fully aware of what HRT entails, possible medical risks, what to expect and not, and at the end of that, pending no medical red flags, you can begin HRT.

Rather, it can take multiple appointments for them to be certain you fit into their concept of what being trans is. One friend - you probably know: on HRT for a couple years, fully socially transitioned, post GRS /and/ FFS: did they wave her through? Nope! Waiting for her second appointment.

If the "professionals" involved can ignore as clear cut, screamingly obvious case as that, what hope is there for anyone for any pace but glacial?

At least I've got HRT access. But GRS - there's no means for any cooperation between a private clinic and the NHS for that; the *only* means for an NHS GRS referral is through a GIC. And if anyone thought HRT could take forever - it can be 3-5 years - that takes even longer. I read on that sub of one woman who'd been seen by eight psychs over five years, and only /then/ would Barrett sign off on it.

Mercifully, the /new/ GICs seem to be going with informed consent. If TransPlus' list opens up (currently only for folk registered before 2020) in the coming months.. I'll have actual GRS hope. That keeps me going.

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