6502 history, Chuck Peddle 

Oh, *wow*. I love this bit about its origin at Motorola:

"Motorola's Semiconductor Products Division management was overwhelmed with problems and showed no interest in Peddle's low-cost microprocessor proposal. Eventually Peddle was given an official letter telling him to stop working on the system. Peddle responded to the order by informing Motorola that the letter represented an official declaration of "project abandonment", and as such, the intellectual property he had developed to that point was now his."

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6502 history, Chuck Peddle 

@Jo Not supporting it, in hindsight, was not one of Motorola's smartest moves. =:D

And perfect timing for him, too, with not just the original audience interested in cheaper options than the 6800, but suddenly, all these home computing upstarts.. without the 6502, maybe there wouldn't have been an Acorn System 1, and without /that/, no BBC Micro, and without that, no ARM..

@porsupah I always wondered how they were able to leave Motorola and start a direct competitor lol

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