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Goodbye to Halos:

- trans lesbian protagonist
- nonstop cute gay romance
- nonromantic friends being physically affectionate
- lovingly polyam feels
- its own writing systems
- its own #conlang
- "I draw my trans femmes with a bulge cause it's cute and I want to normalise it"

where. has this been all my life.

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@elilla It's pretty great. =:D

(If only more (any!) webcomics would offer the option of a downloadable *annotated* archive! So often, with the likes of GtH, I find myself wishing I could hop back to some given moment in the story, or the last time we saw a character. It's /possible/, of course, but only laboriously)

@porsupah totally, and for me it would help soo much to have an index of language appearances and such. I'm not asking for a grammar, I know she wants us to puzzle it out ourselves, but random tweets mentioned in disqus comments does not a pleasant research experience make.

#GoodbyeToHalos #conlang

@elilla Aaah, yep. I can see that style of incidental reveal does work for some readers, but it's useless for me. Still, it's comforting to see the level of backstory and worldbuilding she devotes to GtH. ^_^

If you're not finding Goodbye to Halos' world rich enough, though, you could always try The Property of Hate. ^_^

@porsupah it's the exception rather than rule 😌 might check it out later anyway! ^^

@elilla It's worth it. ^_^ There's quite a bit of it at this point (maybe 400 pages or so?), but the artwork's gorgeous, befitting a former animator.

#GoodbyeToHalos #conlang

wondered about Enae’s accent where, besides a straightforward lack of distinction between b/v (as v) and s/z/dʒ (as z), /k/ appears to become ‹h› in some contexts. got an answer by the author! :)

> there is a distinction between <k> and <h> (the latter of which represents /x/), however it would seem that shade phonotactics turn the former into the latter before another consonant.

(thus Hlarissa, ehstra etc.)

I think I’m in love (for a purely conceptual, abstract definition of love)

#GoodbyeToHalos #conlang #linguistics

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