@vyr Pretty sure I've done this, masked as a coping mechanism. ^_^;

@porsupah @vyr I literally make sure I have two-three equally important important things so I continuously round-robin

@millenomi @vyr That's it exactly! I need a minimum level of activity, else I just grind to a blobby halt.

@mxsparks @millenomi @porsupah come to think of it, i did get really good work done during the months of mentally avoiding A Big Horrible Life Thing, way back when 😒

@vyr @mxsparks @porsupah the good thing is that this can work with fun and good things too, now. :)

@twistylittlepassages That's rather nicely explained! Indeed, it's a remarkably viable method, and one I think I internalised way back without really being aware of it.

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