selfie, ec, covid fashion, She-ra 

couldn't resist this.

kudos to Udern-Stroud shop on redbubble for accuracy 馃槍 (their pronunciation is a lot more Anglophone than how I say it but hey, that's what the script was designed for).

#SheRa #conlang


selfie, ec, covid fashion, She-ra 

@elilla Oh my gods, I *love* the outfit! That top's *gorgeous* on you!

And they definitely did very nice work on the mask. =:D

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more selfie, ec 

@porsupah thank you~ :patcat: another angle I took today

more selfie, ec 

@elilla Someday, you know, you should look into having a professional boudoir photoshoot.. ^_^

more selfie, ec 

@porsupah actually sounds like a good reward to myself if I do manage to find employment and a modicum of financial security 馃槍

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