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Hi! I've noticed that you have unfederated from my instance embracing.space. Unfortunately, I have no idea what went wrong (I never received any related moderation reports), and I think that our values align very much.

Could you please check if it is a mistake? Or if anything indeed went wrong with some users of my instance, I would greatly appreciate some feedback so that I can deal with that.


@admin @porsupah Hi! I'm sorry for tagging you personally but I'm not sure if somebody is reading messages sent to @self . Maybe you can check it?

@penartur They can sometimes be busy, I'm afraid - it could be a couple days, but they definitely will get back to you when they can.

@penartur Ah, okay - I'll check up on what the situation is.

@porsupah I mean the feedback, on why lgbt.io unfederated from my instance. I understand you do not owe me an explanation, but I just thought you might have forget about that previous discussion, and wanted to remind...


@penartur You'd want to check with @self for details, but the impression I gathered was unease with some instances in the timeline now, such as smuglo.li and dickkickextremist.

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@porsupah @self Err... not sure what does my instance have to do with these instances you mentioned?
Especially considering that gs.smuglo.li was blocked on my instance from the beginning: web.archive.org/web/2019042221

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