The Silent Book Club, + 

"How two women quietly reading books in an SF bar started an introvert revolution"

"The format of a Silent Book Club meeting is simple: The group picks a time and a place, and everyone brings a book to read of their choosing. For the first half hour, people order drinks, share what they’re reading and get settled. Then, it’s an hour of uninterrupted quiet reading time.
After the hour is up, people are invited to start chatting again — or, keep reading if they so choose. Informally, they call it “Introvert Happy Hour.”

“It provides a space for people who want to get out of the house and spend some time with friendly-minded people, but don’t want to go through that whole awkward small talk,” said de la Mare. “You have a book in your hand, so it’s really easy to talk about what you’re reading. And when you get to that moment of not having anything else to say, it’s totally socially acceptable to go back to reading.”

The Silent Book Club, + 

@porsupah this is such a lovely idea!


The Silent Book Club, + 

@SpaceKitteh It sounds perfect! You don't have to all be reading the same book, and it's all so casual - conversation? Reading? Whichever you want - the common factor is the interest in reading, with your books providing ready basis for conversation, if you're so inclined. ^_^

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