I'm convinced there's no current way to get the sound on my new laptop to work in #Linux. It's only a 6-month-old model. I've tried a few hda_intel_snd configurations that worked on similar models 8-12 months ago, but nothing works yet. The sound does play but some frequencies crackle, so it probably doesn't know what some pins do? I can't do anything more without applying patches, & I don't want to risk breaking the speakers so I'm just gonna wait a few more months. (Model: #Asus GL531GT) #Alsa

Fun fact: #Asus has the worst-labelled modes in the #Alsa documention: mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentat 😛 asus1 through asus8 have the same non-description

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@brianna Egad. That's the kernel hacker equivalent of the renowned App Store release notes "Bug fixes and performance improvements".

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