methane, CA, NASA, super-emitters 

"Over the course of three years, NASA flew a plane carrying gas-imaging equipment above California and made a discovery that surprised even the state’s own environmental agencies: A handful of operations are responsible for the vast majority of methane emissions.

In a report published in Nature on Wednesday, scientists estimated that 10% of the places releasing methane -- including landfills, natural gas facilities and dairy farms -- are responsible for more than half of the state’s total emissions. And a fraction of the 272,000 sources surveyed -- just 0.2% -- account for as much as 46%."

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re: methane, CA, NASA, super-emitters 

@porsupah I'm reminded of a proposal made here in Arizona oh more than a decade ago to replace the ADOT emissions testing stations with what would have essentially been like photo-radar vans but with emissions scanning equipment. Suddenly (but only for the length of the debate) ADOT became the darling of the Arizona GOP that must be protected from this dastardly plot to cut the number of government employees.

re: methane, CA, NASA, super-emitters 

@porsupah I expect to soon be seeing articles about how it is terribly unfair to place the burden of reducing emissions upon the largest emitters. "Surely this should be saved until after we've ended the peril of straws and inhalers."

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