@porsupah I... don't understand... Tumblr fails due to wavering user count... Verizon further alienates users by banning adult content... Wordpress buys it at probably a BARGAIN........ and then decides to continue banning adult content. Literally everybody is shooting themselves in the foot here.

Tumblr sale 

@JaiReWiz All I can think is the CEO has a soft spot for the site, and wants it as a sort of toy. =:/ That continuation of the porn ban definitely doesn't suggest a great understanding of what held the whole mess together.

But, it's probably too late anyway - even if they said "come on back, post what you want providing it's not causing/advocating harm or extremism", it looks like the various communities have substantially scattered already - the more "brand" oriented to Instagram and such, everyone else to Discord and Telegram, and a lucky few discover Masto. =:)

After all, such a site can continue *long* after its heyday - just ask LiveJournal.

I wonder if they'll continue Oath's awful data harvesting ways, selling everything they can to some 300 companies.. not that I was ever much into Tumblr, but when they pulled those GDPR shenanigans, I just gave up visiting entirely.

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