"Accounts that use ad blockers in Spotify face immediate suspension or termination under the new terms of service, which go into effect on March 1"

@porsupah Time to stop using it, I guess. Their ads blast my head off with double the volume and make the whole thing unusable.

@Kye @porsupah or pay for it idk I hated the ads so I did and it's not that expensive. for the service it provides I can justify it to myself

@piggo @porsupah That's a lot of money just so I can listen to the odd pop song someone mentions that isn't on YouTube. I don't listen to much labeled music.

@Kye @porsupah Keep using it with ad blockers until you’re banned

@porsupah Oh, then… from now on I'll listen to music using YouTube Vanced. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@porsupah woops damn guess everyone should have "pirated" their music collection.

@lyliawisteria @porsupah I take the time to buy, from Bandcamp or whatever, from small artists that I like.

@_ampersand @lyliawisteria @porsupah bandcamp is quite literally the only place I've ever paid for music. Well, I think I might have bought a CD in a store once but the point is bandcamp is all right in my book. And I always make sure to download Flac files of all the songs for local usage, that's freeing me from ever having to interact with anyone else forever to ensure I can still listen to the music I just bought in perpetuity

@DJWalnut @_ampersand @porsupah i've paid for a lot of music, but that's mostly cause there were no websites, nevermind ones selling music, for nearly half of my life. there's still lots of music that will never be on the internet, new and old.

@porsupah oh no whatever will people do other than come up with slightly more sophisticated adblocking and create new accounts

or pay for things. i mean that's always a questionable move when it comes to Spotify Premium given most of it goes to the music industry IP vultures… but Bandcamp is nice

@porsupah lol guess i'll just have to not use spotify and torrent everything... oh wait

@porsupah Sounds like the perfect time to push FunkWhale 👍

Let's see if we can decentralize the world a bit more 😀

@porsupah Hmmm, I block ads with "Spotifree", it just turns the volume to 0 during an ad break. I still get the pause between songs, but it's just silence. I wonder if they can detect that one.

@porsupah if this is how Spotify freaks out about 1.3% of its user base, I'd hate to see what it does about anything more substantial

guess I better go cancel my premium subscription

@porsupah the Adblock situation has now escalated into a full-on war against the user has rights to run whatever software they please on their own computers. I mean I get the businesses have to make money to keep the lights on, but users have very good reasons for using Adblock, from data conservation to privacy to security.

@DJWalnut @porsupah Speaking of ad block, they sure could use some on their comments section, two of the four comments posted are link spam.

@porsupah I don't use as blockers. I just ignore the ads. If they get too annoying I stop using that app and so something else.

@porsupah “fraudulent streaming activities are not permitted” note the wannabe authoritarian language. they can’t say it’s wrong or illegal, but the do try to shame you by calling you a fraud. nice try to lean on the old guilt nerve, piggy

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