“We destroy plants at our peril. Neither we nor any other animal can survive without them. The time has now come for us to cherish our green inheritance, not to pillage it. For without it, we will surely perish.”

– David Attenborough,
The Private Life of Plants

I 💚 David Attenborough so much. I'm not exaggerating when I say that watching his documentaries when I was a child shaped a lot of my worldview.

They all carry a message of how we, as a species, should be mindful of our impact on the planet and be careful not to damage the world around us.

And honestly, that attitude is my guiding light. ☀️


@InvaderXan For me, he's joined by Gerald Durrell. One biology tutor I had would spend some lessons simply reading from his works, especially My Family and Other Animals. ^_^

(Might not *sound* like a traditional lesson, but it certainly stuck with me)

Sometimes, the best lessones *are* the non-traditional ones, I think. Teaching should be more fluid IMO.

I'm not so familiar with Gerald Durrell, to be honest. I should probably try to remedy that!

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