Sleeping Town and various other services of mine will be going down for an unknown amount of time on the 23rd as I am unable to pay the server bills and do not have time to migrate to cheaper hosting.

I'm using overpriced dedicated hosting as I haven't had enough free time to migrate my ~7 year old mess to newer cheaper hosting that I already have. Doesn't really feel right to ask for help, as such, this is basically a downtime announcement.

Moreover my problem is not having the time to investigate alternate hosting; my current alternate host has been treating one of my friends on the same plan as me quite poorly and I don't know of any other good hosts that would be affordable. I've been considering taking backups of the servers and just cancelling them and piecing things back together as I have time, but I hadn't because this at least had the advantage that things would keep running.

@announce Might be an option, either as a stopgap or permanently? Cheap, and outstanding service. They might well be able to import everything, keeping your load down to just the billing.

@porsupah We run a customized fork of Mastodon that isn't supported by SaaS offerings like

Importing the database would also require me to take time to do that, which if I had the time to do such a thing this wouldn't be a problem.


@announce Ahhh, fair enough. I hope it all works out eventually.

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