Spicy food/cooking 

@ysengrin Ooh, yes please. =:9 Ye gods, but there’s some culinary talent in this neck of the digital woods. A Masto Potluck would be seriously memorable. ^_^

How useful is a pressure cooker? Never used one. (Versus plain simmering/braising)


Spicy food/cooking 

@ysengrin Hm! Tempting. Come to that, I really ought to use the crockpot more - so easy to make tasty, hearty creations, especially using wonderful grains like pearl barley and bulgur wheat. Does the need for fat to keep it all tender still hold as strongly? I prefer using as little oil/fat as possible.

Spicy food/cooking 

@ysengrin Sounds reasonable. I suppose excess oil can be disposed of, too. The crockpot may be better for me, given there’s zero time pressure- cook overnight, two days, knock y’self out. =:) Reminds me, I should do something with beef cheek again sometime- turned out brilliantly, and it’s one of the few cheap cuts left.

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