@ysengrin A habit you should cultivate. ^_^ *nods* What's new and exciting?

3D printing chatter 

@ysengrin Oh, coolness! What are you creating the designs in? I may be picking your brains on the topic next year - I imagine I'll be creating at least some, if not all, of my SL av's head using 3D printing when I finally bring it into RL.


3D printing chatter 

@ysengrin duly filed away, literally. ^_^ I suppose I otter get into the software pipeline involved sooner rather than later, especially if I want the head to actually look good. =:)

Coo, that's quite a decent size printing volume! 30x30x40cm.

Is there any standard for data sent to 3D printers, à la PostScript, or is it more like DSLR RAW formats?

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