@aparrish I am fondly remembering Berkeley now, and maybe you are too? Like, fond annoyance?

@brainwane you never really get over your first love, and the first public transit system I ever really loved was AC Transit. despite all its shortcomings. being 18 and taking the bus that goes over the bay bridge into sf = kinda magic still

@aparrish I'm remembering a particular AC Transit bus that I called magical because it hit both Vik's Chaat House and the place Dan worked. (OMG I just looked Dan up and he's an SRE manager at Google now. Of course he is?!)

@aparrish why did I look at my ex's LinkedIn.

ok anyway, the first (only?) time I was recognized in public as a newspaper columnist was on BART, so if nothing else that would make me fond of it

ALSO do you remember harihareswara.net/sumana/2009/ ? I heard that his coworkers printed it out and framed it for him!!

@zwol Its slow growth over the 1990s & 2000s was something I'm so glad I witnessed. @aparrish

- how do you do, fellow kids?
- bought a $48 canvas wine tote from Instagram
- not like those OTHER transits
- hateably always on time and looking great

- weeeeee
- ehhheehhehehee heh
- want a ride?

@jasonscheirer @porsupah let me have my crazed "van down by the river" bus/ferry driver fantasy

@wilbr @porsupah I see those buses and wonder “Who is on those? Who? And why?”

@jasonscheirer @porsupah people who need to get to the #NorthBae :) they're surprisingly one of the better ways to get up here, even faster than the ferry.

@porsupah SF Bay Ferry:

- drinks on the job
- prettier, nicer, kind of slow
- takes you in and steps it up when BART fucks you

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