@SilviaFox I felt it pretty strongly on that third panel especially. Just by myself, it's so easy for my thoughts to turn inwards and negative. Though, that does seem to be improving a lot recently.

@celesteh She’s a very neat individual, definitely. ^_^ I began with her earlier (first?) strip, Ozy & Millie - well worth catching up with that, if you haven’t yet. ^_^

HN cartoonist discussion 

@Austin_Dern Oh, gods, I'm sorry to hear it's been so radically different for you. I'm speaking purely as a fangirl who's known of her in the fandom for a while, no actual personal connections.

Maybe some of that was born of transitioning, and the rediscovery therein? It's all less dramatic than the Gallifreyans manage, but it's not so far off in the end. =:)

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