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Shy bunny @porsupah

Outstanding post by someone who began HRT in 1988, when they were about to turn 50, noting what effects they've noticed, and the regimen changes over the years:

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@porsupah @amphetamine Dayum! Ok seeing someone report over that long a timeframe makes me really happy ^^

@Kyresti @amphetamine It's pretty great. ^_^ It's always interesting reading, looking at others' timescales, but ones of that length are rather less common. =:)

@porsupah lol what I took away from this story is that Lynn Conway will ask random trans women where they had cosmetic surgery done, assuming they had surgery.

@porsupah Missed this the first time you posted, so thanks for boosting. Interesting and hopeful.

@ghost_bird It's quite an inspiring story, ne? Think I might ask if there was any particular event that triggered her transition.

@porsupah Wow. That's really useful and impressive.

@porsupah it makes me want to cry of joy and relief, for myself and for the others trans women I know who have so much trouble with how they look…

@porsupah I think the conclusion here is: be patient. Survive long enough. You will see changes.

It’s so, so hard sometimes, but it’s so fucking worth it.

@porsupah oh my god this is so good, thank you for sharing