not a single time has a “hey, fuck you, you’re using one of those adblockers” interstitial tried the approach of saying “we ensure our ads are unobtrusive, lightweight & malware-free, so please consider not blocking our ads,” an approach which might actually get me to consider it

@ticky Conversely, witness the number of sites who, detecting an EU IP, just outright say "sod off", rather than perhaps *asking permission* in a simple, genuine manner (not "oh, you can opt out from this vendor by visiting this site, this vendor by going to /them/.." dozens of times), preferably assuring the prospective viewer that the data sold is minimal - or ideally, not at all.

@porsupah this is absolutely rubbish, but also kind of makes me wish I were in the EU :P


@ticky It's hardly perfect legislation, but it's a *great* start. Sooner or later, the big sites are going to have to take notice that people use ad blockers to maintain their sanity on their sites, rather than having autoplaying video and animated ads everywhere (also chowing down tens of megs in the process), let alone the amazing extent of data harvesting going on - everyone knew cookies were used, but gods, to see Oath admit to 299 "partners".. O.o;;

@porsupah yeah, the whole industry was (is!) rife with abuse of the data being collected and distributed, and abusive of the users’ very internet connections. Legislation like GDPR should honestly be implemented everywhere. Cookie warnings I could take or leave, though. :P

@ticky I'd like to follow how that cookie warning legislation came about - feels like it might've originally been meaningful, but passed only in that rather pointless manner. If those notices had also told you how many partners they sell to, and what data's being sold, /that/ could have been interesting. Ultimately, though, it's all about consent, and how many sites abhor the concept of *asking* rather than just taking.

@porsupah ah, that makes a lot of sense. I guess its actual toothiness got lobbied out of existence?

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