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Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.

Now available to buy!

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An early favorite shot, when there was some fortuitously timed snow. (I'd be cursing it a month later, but that's another story) They'd largely stayed inside for a couple days, understandably unimpressed with the turn of the weather, but soon were back to normal. =:)

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A few of my favorite cybernetic TF tales:

Sync, by Kotep:
Excellent first-person perspective of transferring one's consciousness, and accepting one's new self.

Belong, by Fractured Puppet:
A more gently paced conversion, with an emphasis on, as the title implies, finally /belonging/ in your body, and with those around you.

Repossessed, by demurePet:
Even more gradual, with a wry sense of humor running through the exchanges between the two parties.

Soft Hardware, by ZatieLunaVulpe:
A fan of an author's writings gets to experience such themselves.

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And a bit more recently, this new mother, back in February. It can be a difficult life, out in the wild, not only having to gather nesting for one's newborn (or expected) kits, but also having to evade aggressors..

At present, it's looking like we'll be going down for the full repair around 2000 Saturday EDT/0100 Sunday BST.

It's difficult to tell how long this will take - it could be a few hours, or might be well into Sunday.

We're aiming to bring full instance functionality back this Sunday, June 26. ^_^

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"Hey Kris watchu been up to lately!?"

Uh... uh... How do I put this:
I decided to lean in and I'm having so much god damn fun.

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England (-) 

The collective english psyche is basically Ms havisham at this point.

Stuck in the rotting remains of our imagined glory, only motivated by spite towards those who hope for better.

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ohhh, you wanted me to bring my *Bat'leth* so we could fight to the death
sorry i misunderstood, i thought you said batlet
like a very small bat
do you want the bat anyway

@V Ahhh! Now I see why Apple's trying to push a double-bill of Everything Everywhere and Swiss Army Man - same duo of director/writers! I suppose I've got to watch the latter now. ^_^

(And if you haven't seen EEAaO, I must implore you do. Absolutely magnificent)

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My apartment management office apparently never got the rent checks I sent the last few months.

And because I'm a world-class fuckup with ADHD, I never noticed that the checks hadn't actually cleared my account; my brain just went "Got enough for the next one? yes? Okay, we're good."

So now they're demanding I cough up $3700 in two days, and I only have about $1000.

It’s not fixed yet, but there is a provisional date for legbuttio’s full return. More when it’s all in place. ^_^

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@celesteh How did the potluck turn out in the end? Did you go with simply the cheesecake?

[vibrates excitedly]

(more soon, hopefully)

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Sky: Children of the Light is a very, very good game. They've actually managed to make an MMO with zero toxicity, and it turns out that all along, there was a trick to it. Simply make the game absolutely, stunningly beautiful, make the gameplay non-violent and focused on simple childhood joys like racing and hide and seek, and make it so that you literally cannot talk to anyone until you become friends - the early relationship is always purely in vibes, honks and emotes. It works, amazingly.

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btw chernobyl mall in second life has these free pride themed tiger plushies iright now (tons of different poses and you can hold them)

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Wildlife picture (low quality) 

@porsupah Newest generation just confirmed today!

food, sushi 

So, with such good company coming over for Eurovision, I somehow thought it'd be a good idea to try making sushi. ^_^;

It's actually all perfectly possible, but my *gods* is it a lot of work! First the rice, which needs cooking /just so/, and the folding in the vinegar/salt mix to properly season it, and cooling down.

Then all the other ingredients, like avocado and cucumber, and in my case, monk's beard and Philly.

I'll be making more, of course. ^_^

ESC, fish 

Eurovision tonight! And with it, very good company coming to visit to share in the cheese and enthusiasm. ^_^

And for some reason, I wound up getting caught up in the idea of making sushi for it all.. ^_^; I think the main bit I'm worried about is the *rice* - both in needing to be cooked just so, /and/ rendered that modest level of sticky so it holds together. Got a few nice fish, and some extras, so.. should be able to come up with some nice maki & nigiri. ^_^

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Game Theory:
Untitled Goose Game takes place in a post-scarcity utopia, where all work is voluntary (nobody seems to care that much about the fact that their store has no customers, etc), and the only negative part of anyone's life is The Goose.
The reason people don't try that hard to stop The Goose is that it's one of the few truly unpredictable challenges left in their lives, and they enjoy that.

Of *course* they gave Eve cat ears in VR.

Is this anime being *produced* for Mastodon? ^_^

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