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Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.

Now available to buy!

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An early favorite shot, when there was some fortuitously timed snow. (I'd be cursing it a month later, but that's another story) They'd largely stayed inside for a couple days, understandably unimpressed with the turn of the weather, but soon were back to normal. =:)

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A few of my favorite cybernetic TF tales:

Sync, by Kotep:
Excellent first-person perspective of transferring one's consciousness, and accepting one's new self.

Belong, by Fractured Puppet:
A more gently paced conversion, with an emphasis on, as the title implies, finally /belonging/ in your body, and with those around you.

Repossessed, by demurePet:
Even more gradual, with a wry sense of humor running through the exchanges between the two parties.

Soft Hardware, by ZatieLunaVulpe:
A fan of an author's writings gets to experience such themselves.

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And a bit more recently, this new mother, back in February. It can be a difficult life, out in the wild, not only having to gather nesting for one's newborn (or expected) kits, but also having to evade aggressors..

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question for people taking testoerone gel 

hello! hi! I'm taking a simply ungodly amount of T gel with me on a 6 week backpacking trip. I will be backpacking where it is very hot and humid. My T is in dose-size individual packets (manufacturer-sealed). How worried should I be about heat tolerance? I will keep them out of light easily.

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Teamsters: nationwide union plan for Amazon 

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, among the US' most powerful #labor unions, announces a nation-wide plan to unionize #Amazon.

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Trans Shitposting, eggs, food 

"Yeah can I get uhhhh one Ranma Half Caff Latte and a uhh I Wish I Were Trans Impossible Burger with extra pickles and an LGBT wrap to go thanks! No wait on second thought can I get a Chickened Out Thigh High sandwich instead of the burger? Thanks! Still with extra pickles yeah."

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czechpol, racist murder, police violence 

last saturday a roma man was killed by the police in czech republic. apparently he official died bc of a drug overdose, however the police kneeled on his neck for several minutes and didn't get him care. the roma community does see the murder as specifically targeting them and fitting into line with other anti-roma attacks.
(not linking to the footage but an article for his memorial)

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Carcerality (+) 

Prison telecommunications has been a despicable racket, where private companies are given license to charge extortionate prices for phone calls.

So it's nice to see some states finally undoing that.

As a cybernetic being, it's as well to remember that however proud you may be of your multi-transducer audio setup, humans tend to find it disconcerting if your voice wanders around your face, or indeed, body, however amusing it may be.

Always feels vaguely melancholic at the end of an anime season, gradually snipping out each show's entry in my "which ep did I download last, on what day, and which is next to watch " note.

Vivy, of course, I'd /love/ to see a second season, and Odd Taxi too. I'll also miss Slimes - it's been such a well-natured, *cozy* show.

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safety recall on several BIPAP, CPAP, and mechanical ventilators 

Heads-up via on Twitter, who has further commentary: several breathing assist devices manufactured by Philips under various brandnames used a sound abatement foam material that can degrade and release carcinogenic compounds into the air the user is breathing.

The official recall page is and describes which devices are affected and the claims process.

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They let their most trusted friends send them a string of $EA (the no-operation code for the 6502 chip) but anyone who wants to will never be allowed into that circle.

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Special Delivery #Maille! Here's a black and rainbow Full Persian necklace that I built on commission for @troodon - 9 beauty shots added to my Gallery!

trans job, Wales 

Umbrella Cymru's looking for a Support Worker:

£20k/year, 32-40 hours a week, initially funded to March 2022. Applications close at the end of Sunday, June 27.

"Umbrella Cymru has been awarded the contract to deliver support to anyone referred to the [Welsh Gender Service] and therefore work in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to provide a full bio-psycho-social support service to trans and non-binary people in Wales."

food, non-veg 

Woohoo! Tight as money is, being able to make it go further really helps - and a nice load of oxtail, some good burgers, two basa fillets, and some sandwich steaks all at 75-90% off *definitely* counts. =:D

And oxtail too! Such a rich cut, but as it’s become fashionable, it’s become frustratingly expensive. Not at 1/10th original price it isn’t. ^_^ Now to /ponder/ how best to use it..

Spiffy! Silice is a language designed to help in implementing algorithms on FPGAs. It’s a thin layer on top of Verilog.

NHS data grab postponed to Sep 1 

The NHS data grab was pushed back a few weeks. As a result, you have a bit more time to opt out of your data winding up with the likes of Palantir - Sep 1, where before it had been Jun 23. Best, though, would be to get it to your practice a week or so before then, to ensure it goes through in time.

Note that there are two parts to this - first is a "Type 1 Opt-Out", which prevents them from sharing your GP data; the second step prevents non-GP info like hospital treatments being shared. The first is the most important, and needs to be done by Sep 1. The second can be done online, if it's just for yourself.

The above link has one version of the form, or you can use NHS Digital's own (docx, unfortunately):

You should be able to email this to your practice, or NHS Digital can post a copy to you if you call them on 0300 3035678.

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UK Android / iPhone users may receive an emergency alert today between 1 and 2 has more details

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