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Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.

Now available to buy!

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An early favorite shot, when there was some fortuitously timed snow. (I'd be cursing it a month later, but that's another story) They'd largely stayed inside for a couple days, understandably unimpressed with the turn of the weather, but soon were back to normal. =:)

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A few of my favorite cybernetic TF tales:

Sync, by Kotep:
Excellent first-person perspective of transferring one's consciousness, and accepting one's new self.

Belong, by Fractured Puppet:
A more gently paced conversion, with an emphasis on, as the title implies, finally /belonging/ in your body, and with those around you.

Repossessed, by demurePet:
Even more gradual, with a wry sense of humor running through the exchanges between the two parties.

Soft Hardware, by ZatieLunaVulpe:
A fan of an author's writings gets to experience such themselves.

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And a bit more recently, this new mother, back in February. It can be a difficult life, out in the wild, not only having to gather nesting for one's newborn (or expected) kits, but also having to evade aggressors..

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can anyone in canada help me with my internet bill and some groceries? i don't have paypal or any other other things that would make this easier, just Interac e-transfer.

i don't need a lot of money, maybe $100 would do. the internet bill is $58.

send DM if you can help, i'll send you the e-mail address.

#DisabledCrowdFund #PleaseBoost

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Oh right #SolGarden could really use help funding! The domain is renewing ($30) and obviously there's server costs too

We currently can't actually afford housing so help keeping our #BIPOC founded and led #neurodivergent community going is greatly needed!!

paypal is enginesofiron at gmail dot com
cashapp and venmo are sunfirewolf


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Does anyone know where Android games that got dropped might be archived?
When they stop supporting their games on Google Play, people usually make them into instant Lost Media and just pull them from the store leaving all people who used to own the game with nothing. And since they were sold for money, it's arguably not legal to distribute the APK files after this, even to people who did actually buy the damn game when it was available. So they just... don't exist anywhere publicly.
Surely someone out there has tried to remedy this?

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Mutual Aid Request, Urgent 

100/400 €
Hey everyone, I desperately need to make 400 € in the next 9 days in order to pay my rent and not be at risk of eviction. I feel awful posting this yet again but I'm still really struggling to survive right now. Any help at all is a blessing <3


I'm a trans woman of color and I really need help with rent, Ive been working for the last 10 years as a full service survival sex worker but I really can't do it anymore.

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I re-upped my #sticker supplies from @municipaladhesives

First time getting their stuff, I got a trio of designs, the quality in-hand is nice. If I can nap efficiently this afternoon, there may be deployment later.

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Classic Oregon Coast atmospheric photos 

Took doggo to the coast for a sweet little hike. Started in the sun on one side of a hill, then the fog rolled in and changed the view by the time we'd turned around to hike back.

Well, that's disappointing.. the new 256GB thumb drive arrived, and it turns out its sustained write speed is about 1/3 of the old 128GB (a Sandisk Extreme Pro). Still viable for the purpose of backing up the work Windows VM - about 100GB - but certainly could be better. Might wind up returning it; not sure.

environment, Australia, Torres Strait, + 

"Australia told to compensate Torres Strait over failure to act on climate crisis, in landmark UN ruling"

"Australia should compensate the islanders of the Torres Strait after violating their human rights by failing to take sufficient action on the climate crisis, the United Nations has said in a landmark ruling."

"The ruling represents the first time a nation state has been found responsible for its greenhouse gas emissions under international human rights law, and the first time that Indigenous people’s right to culture has been found to be at risk from climate impacts."

ukpol, environment, RSPB 

The RSPB is livid at the government's plans to destroy wildlife protection - and with a million members, their mobilisation could prove pivotal.

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tea, a drink with jamming, full stop

(they do covers but Bread is a little soft for their tastes)

the only stimulant i want is a nice cuppa, and maybe a biscuit

[#furry #art]

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Russians protest drafting into army to fight in Ukraine 

724 arrested in #Russia on Saturday for protesting against #Putin's mobilization for his war on #Ukraine, 10s of 1000s protesting across the country

Actually, that's not quite accurate - after the first gig went foom, I took the opportunity to buy the two NeXTstations I'd had there.

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Help with bills 

I'm an #ActuallyAutistic individual with white privilege recovering from a major injury that has prevented me working my usual retail gig.

Storage ($255), internet ($150), and phone ($75) are all overdue. I know it's a lot but anything helps, including boosts.

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

Thank you. @mutualaid #TransCrowdFund #MutualAid

Trying to recall the last time I owned a desktop computer.. other than a clunker for work, I think it would've been an Acorn Archimedes A305, the system for which Acorn designed their own RISC Machine. =:)

(Needless to say, I took to its assembly very quickly. Ah, that lovely barrel shifter, the beautiful simplicity of its timing!)

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Food Foraging 

@yeenbean This is some of the plant I'm unsure about. It's got some leaves that look like dandelion with the points nibbled off. It's got some very round leaves. It's got some round leaves with little points.

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Portuguese speakers, what non-binary pronouns you use/hear/prefer?

Boosts ok!

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Update on Testoceratops' behalf, :boost_requested: 

Hey, so I just got word from @testoceratops -- for those asking after him, he hasn't been feeling well, but will be back as soon as possible. He asked me to post this and I ask you to boost it, since our mutuals list isn't exactly the same. Thanks 💖

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