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Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.

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And a bit more recently, this new mother, back in February. It can be a difficult life, out in the wild, not only having to gather nesting for one's newborn (or expected) kits, but also having to evade aggressors..

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An early favorite shot, when there was some fortuitously timed snow. (I'd be cursing it a month later, but that's another story) They'd largely stayed inside for a couple days, understandably unimpressed with the turn of the weather, but soon were back to normal. =:)

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A couple of my favorite cybernetic TF tales:

Sync, by Kotep:
Excellent first-person perspective of transferring one's consciousness, and accepting one's new self.

Repossessed, by demurePet:
Even more gradual, with a wry sense of humor running through the exchanges between the two parties.

Soft Hardware, by ZatieLunaVulpe:
A fan of an author's writings gets to experience such themselves.

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Some relaxing doodling while listening to “Freeman's Mind“. At it again with the side-cuts.. ^^°

#mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #doodle #pendrawing #pen #elf #shadowrun #cyberpunk #sidecut

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uspol, private prisons, + 

It's a necessary start. Private prisons increase perverse incentives. (They didn't have to, but the way these contracts are written is an abomination.)

Now let's have at the home-to-prison pipeline.

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Last year in July I decided mer!Bak should have a full seal form.

And a bonus doodle from August, based on a funny video of a sea lion that a friend showed me.

Images marked sensitive for topless male torso.

#mastoart #art #fanart #dgm #komubak #merfolk

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USPol, gender markers 

I suppose I have more hope for this petition than I did in recent times. It's requesting an executive order to allow self-attestation of gender markers and add an "X" marker option for all federal IDs and records.

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this tale of redditors screwing over slimey stock shorting operations is very delightful. stocks are just gambling for the wealthy, and I am all for disrupting how they operate.

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hiv good news 

the FDA just approved a monthly injection that can be taken in lieu of daily pills. i hope this makes it easier for people who struggle with the daily pills to remain in treatment

trans, UK, TransActual survey 

TransActual is holding their Community Voice Survey 2021:

"The purpose of this survey is to capture reliable information about trans people’s experiences of healthcare, transphobia, and Covid-19 that TransActual can use in strategizing our approach to activism and applications for grant funding."

"Please note that we are only seeking responses from trans people and people with a trans history who are UK based and over 18."

It'll take around 5-8 minutes - it's all multiple choice, but there are several pages of questions. It doesn't timeout, though, so you can easily pause and come back to it some other time.

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gfm request 

tuesday made it out of salem alive, and now he could use some financial support while he takes some time for recovery.

if you're able to, you can donate to his gfm or hit his cashapp/venmo: both @/$tuesdaylongway

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My sources for inclusive SFF:

Strange Horizons and Samovar:
Routinely publishes work by LGBTQ and POC. Samovar is a quarterly magazine dedicated to translated work. Their series on African writers is a must-read.

Lightspeed Magazine: Publishers of the "Queers/POC/Women Destroy" special issues.

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No question: if I get the chance to see Jaguar Jonze live someday, I'm leaping at the opportunity. ^_^

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6yo: We can go at night.
Me: To space?
6yo: To the spaceship place. Sneak in and go to space.
Me: I think you need lots of people working together to launch a space ship. Do you even know how?
6yo: We could look it up. And bring our friends.

So I guess we’re doing a heist to steal a spaceship so we can ask the Time Keeper to stop time so we can take some time off. Wish us luck? 😜

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If anyone listens to Ear Candy on CHIRP Radio, Nicole's subbing for another DJ now, courtesy of a touch of snow they've seen thereabouts. (She's normally on Wed & Fri)

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Speaking of #language learning, does anybody know a good websites that teaches how to pronounce #Irish or #Welsh or #ScottishGaelic?
I don't think I'm up to learning an actual language, but I'd really like to be able to pronounce proper names at least in my head...

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NHS, gender incongruence review in under-18s, The Cass Review 

There's apparently an ongoing independent review into such going on:

"The NHS has today announced that Dr Hilary Cass OBE, former President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, will lead an independent review into gender identity services for children and young people.

The review will be wide-ranging in scope looking into several aspects of gender identity services, with a focus on how care can be improved for children and young people including key aspects of care such as how and when they are referred to specialist services, and clinical decisions around how doctors and healthcare professionals support and care for patients with gender dysphoria.

It will also set out workforce recommendations for specialist healthcare professionals and examine the recent rise in the number of children seeking treatment."

The official birdsite account:

Musically minded folk might enjoy this unorthodox virtual keyboard, the Octave Compass, "a tool for exploring musical scales and the chords within them":

awful TV, poverty porn 

Oh, gods.. my mother's watching some kind of poverty porn, all about those poor, set-upon landlords.

They even made a point of how so many landlords are just individuals and families, and how rent defaulting hits them /so hard/ - and then proceed to give an example of some parents who gave their daughter a house. She's off living in Spain now, expecting to live off the rental income.

Oh, *my*, such a tough life!

In yet another demonstration of why companies shouldn't hold massive amounts of personal info indefinitely, a breach in Brazil exposed "the name, date of birth and CPF of almost all Brazilians", and info on 104m vehicles:

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