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Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.

Now available to buy!

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An early favorite shot, when there was some fortuitously timed snow. (I'd be cursing it a month later, but that's another story) They'd largely stayed inside for a couple days, understandably unimpressed with the turn of the weather, but soon were back to normal. =:)

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A few of my favorite cybernetic TF tales:

Sync, by Kotep:
Excellent first-person perspective of transferring one's consciousness, and accepting one's new self.

Belong, by Fractured Puppet:
A more gently paced conversion, with an emphasis on, as the title implies, finally /belonging/ in your body, and with those around you.

Repossessed, by demurePet:
Even more gradual, with a wry sense of humor running through the exchanges between the two parties.

Soft Hardware, by ZatieLunaVulpe:
A fan of an author's writings gets to experience such themselves.

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And a bit more recently, this new mother, back in February. It can be a difficult life, out in the wild, not only having to gather nesting for one's newborn (or expected) kits, but also having to evade aggressors..

DEpol, possible coalitions 

Some musings on how the coming German elections might shape up:

Essentially, the Greens and SPD might wind up with a choice of allying with either a conservative bloc, or a progressive alliance. On the one hand, yet more "austerity", on the other, some wealth redistribution that, for once, isn't from the poor to the rich.

If you didn't know before that you needed vivacious all-woman Japanese ska in your life, well, now you do. ^_^

Oreskaband "Free Now":

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well, that's encouraging... the story of the Juniper hack, by Matthrew Green:

as he says, the danger in implementing an NSA backdoor on the sly is that some malevolent third party can come along at a later date and rekey its lock... and nobody will notice for YEARS

uspol, the racist origins of the current anti-abortion movement 

Excellent background here:

"But the religious right also needed a more respectable issue to hang their advocacy on. Yes, their most fervent adherents were angry about Black students mixing with white ones and getting to attend white schools, but as the 1970s and 80s chugged on, that was an increasingly unpopular position to take publicly.

'So how did evangelicals become interested in abortion?' Balmer writes. “As nearly as I can tell from my conversation with Weyrich, during a conference call with Falwell and other evangelicals strategizing about how to retain their tax exemptions, someone suggested that they might have the makings of a political movement and wondered what other issues would work for them. Several suggestions followed, and then a voice on the line said, ‘How about abortion?’”

Evangelicals were still angry they couldn’t racially segregate their institutions and still get tax breaks. But 'the right to segregate' no longer had the wide appeal it once did. 'The right to life,' though — that was a winner."

A Mesoamerican warrior princess in an animated series from Jorge R. Gutiérrez ("The Book of Life") - that's going to be worth waiting for. =:D

Laika's announced their next animated feature, "Wildwood", sounding a bit like Labyrinth set just outside Portland:

Huh, my MBP's WiFi is back! Cool. ^_^

(I've been using a dongle in the meantime)

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Ok so, odd ask, but... fuel pump shat the bed, and I'm stranded in Coeur d'Alene Idaho until such time as I can repair it or secure another (BMW wants $700 to ship the part to the nearest dealer in Spokane, WA by Friday at the soonest.... could be much longer to secure part from another source). I'm broke AF and need a safe place to sleep and wrench on a bike within, say, my AAA max towing distance of 200 miles of here.

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Michelle Wu, a young (born in 1985) woman of color leads by 33% and is sure to become Boston's first mayor in 200 years who is not a White man

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trans survivor resources 

Trans Survivors Blog: How to be a good support system for trans survivors:

Also a nice link to a very big guide for partners and friends of trans survivors:

CApol, bikes/pedestrians, modest + 

Some mildly surprising legislative wins:

A.B. 122, the Safety Stop bill, permitting cyclists to treat Stop signs as Yield,

A.B. 1238, the Pedestrian Access bill – also known as the Decriminalizing Jaywalking bill,

and perhaps most significantly:

A.B. 43, permitting local authorities to set lower speed limits in certain areas.

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User block 

Feel free to block and report the shit out of this todger. 👇

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crowdfund, Help a Family of Five Escape Severe Abuse 

This GFM is halfway there:

"The home environment goes through ups and downs, and things are becoming a bit more terrifying. My father has tried taking my mom into her car at 2-3AM within the past few days to go on a “drive” and he is calling overseas more often and the arguments have become more intense. We are carefully behaving ourselves to not agitate him."

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ukpol, Cabinet shuffle 

Sunak stays as Chancellor, Truss promoted from International Trade to Foreign Secretary. (No idea if she also remains at W&E)

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This is a longshot, but anybody here involved in student politics at University or a recent alum?

ukpol, Cabinet shuffle 

Holy crap. WTF? Raab's gone as Foreign Secretary, but:

"Mr Raab becomes justice Secretary, Lord Chancellor and deputy prime minister – after tussle with Boris Johnson"

Gosh, it's a tough life for the terminally incompetent.

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ukpol, Cabinet shuffle 

First up today are Williamson and Jenrick, gone from Education and Housing respectively, and Buckland's out from Justice.

No word yet on Raab or Patel.

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