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hi i'm hanna, i like pizza and hate mosquitos

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there will be an important event near to the end of the year and ill be able to meet my best virtual friend for the first time, im soooo excited

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is the new season of black mirror good?

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how to explain to my mom that i wanna go out to play cupid and help my friends making it in a way it doesnt sound dumb not even google can answer me this

i'll miss my studying day for some mediocre barbecue w family

i'll miss my studying day for some mediocre barbecue w family

my cellphone screen is cracked lol

i'm legally and adult but holy shit i dont know how to take care of myself

i guess 38.9 Celsius isnt a good temperature

yo guys i was advicing my friend about love

funny part is

he's older than me and got into more realationships than i ever will

but seriously im feeling like the heat of my body is getting away through my eyes

headache? dizziness? fever?

my hair is my only priority

guess im feeling a bit sick, but yet i needed to wash my hair

i wish i could talk to my friend a lil bit but meh

my parents love this pretetending-we-don't-know-she's-bi game they're doing
it's been almost one year and they still playing it lol

my mom's worried my relatives might think im gay after i posted this on whatsapp lol

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