the greatest gift of all is....A DISCO LLAMA

Video shows a black greyhound entering a wood floored kitchen and being offered a white llama toy. The llama has a purple iridescent saddle and headband, and bright green fabric roller skates on. The dog is offered the toy and she takes it, turning around and trotting away down a hallway

@B_ oof same here! I can’t go out much/do much outside the house so social media is the main way I keep in touch with people - feelin lonely without Instagram 😓

You know when you were a kid and you’d be like “I’m hungryyy” and your parents would be like “eat some fruit then” and you’d be like “but I’m not hungry for FRUIT”.

Kibble is the new fruit 🤣

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BPD, stigma in medical/health industry 

I just had a really unpleasant experience at a health/medical clinic. The information they sent through about their processes (including Medicare claiming) was really lengthy and difficult to understand (so inaccessible, really), and whenever I’ve contacted them to ask a question or request further information they’ve been really rude. I just called and provided feedback on this but I was really anxious about it because they know I have BPD; people often dismiss feedback or complaints from folks with BPD as us being ‘difficult’. It’s awful because we experience a lot of poor treatment due to stigma, and then our complaints often don’t get taken seriously.

I’m a queer, disabled psychologist in my late 20s ☕️
I’m here with my rescue greyhound Jane Lane, and some of my interests are the sims, force-free and reinforcement based dog training, intersectional feminism, neurodiversity, and anti-capitalist and anti-racist discourse.
Great to be here!

honestly greyhounds just look emotionally devastated a lot of the time ​:blobcat_pleading:

Image is of a black greyhound with white and grey around her muzzle, lying on a blue bed with a rainbow coloured stuffed caterpillar wrapped around her. The greyhound’s paw and head are resting on the caterpillar, and she appears to be looking sadly at a small stuffed lion which is bright blue with a pink mane

@porsupah it was okay, just meant I was a lot more tired at the end of the day! Will have to practice asking “do you need this seat?” Or something ​:ablobcatangel:

@GoodGirlElly that’s so handy! Tootle doesn’t have that feature yet but I know it’s been requested!

Recently I was travelling by train to get to my physical rehab appointment, and the train was full and all the priority seats were taken. My disability is invisible, and I didn’t want to ask someone for their seat because
a) what if they’re disabled too
b) what if they then quizzed my on why I needed the seat
Either would have been fine but my anxious lil brain decided it was easier to use extra spoons to just stand for the whole trip ​:blobcatdunno:

@matthilde yeh I have this on parts of the nail of my big toe but it’s not fungus - I’ve read somewhere it can happen if you’ve had a procedure for ingrown toenails (which I have) but not sure why/how to get rid of it!

@cathal yeh I’ve heard they have some kind of data extraction option but it exacts your pictures totally separate from their captions. I’m actually most interested in saving other folks’ posts that I’ve collected on different topics and someone has suggested Evernote web clipper for that!

genuinely excited to be here but also stressed about all my content on other platforms and how to save it ​:ablobcatcry:​ I have saved thousands of posts/content in folders on Instagram that I’ve learned so much from, and don’t want to lose it all...are folks aware of any decent options for saving data?

having a huge old pain & fatigue flare up and foolishly dragged myself to the shops ​:blob_gnikniht:​ outfit today is pretty cute tho

so excited for the possibilities of this new platform, and also for a new outlet for photos of my dog Jane Lane ​:blob_raccoon_melt:

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