the greatest gift of all is....A DISCO LLAMA

Video shows a black greyhound entering a wood floored kitchen and being offered a white llama toy. The llama has a purple iridescent saddle and headband, and bright green fabric roller skates on. The dog is offered the toy and she takes it, turning around and trotting away down a hallway

You know when you were a kid and you’d be like “I’m hungryyy” and your parents would be like “eat some fruit then” and you’d be like “but I’m not hungry for FRUIT”.

Kibble is the new fruit 🤣

honestly greyhounds just look emotionally devastated a lot of the time ​:blobcat_pleading:

Image is of a black greyhound with white and grey around her muzzle, lying on a blue bed with a rainbow coloured stuffed caterpillar wrapped around her. The greyhound’s paw and head are resting on the caterpillar, and she appears to be looking sadly at a small stuffed lion which is bright blue with a pink mane

having a huge old pain & fatigue flare up and foolishly dragged myself to the shops ​:blob_gnikniht:​ outfit today is pretty cute tho

so excited for the possibilities of this new platform, and also for a new outlet for photos of my dog Jane Lane ​:blob_raccoon_melt:

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